Water: Why Care For It?

Why is there a water crisis – and why should I care?


There is no simple answer as to why this situation is unfolding.  Climate change, modifications to natural water flows, population, pesticides and pollution have affected various regions in one way or another.


What is now painfully apparent is that this is not just about clean water in one small remote region.  It’s an issue already facing billions of people in many cities and rural areas around the world.  In some countries, the situations have already reached critical mass, with people disfigured and dying because of a lack of quality water.  It is estimated that every day, water (or a lack of) takes the lives of over 14,000 people – and the problem threatens to get even worse.  Other regions have not yet been affected to this degree.



the questions facing us...
9500 children dead each day!  That ’s like three 9/11 attacks every 24 hours!!!
A lack of fresh water is a bad thing!  Let us sort this problem out now!

But as Mikhail Gorbachev once said of the global water crisis “The bell tolls for all of us.”  There is only so much fresh water on this earth.  As residents of our “little blue planet” hurtling through space, if and when a clean water supply runs out, what are we going to do?  Where will we turn for help?


And you thought the big crisis was oil!

So why should you care about water – and why should you be involved in ensuring that we don’t mess up the little we have left?  If you haven’t already figured out the answer, then click here to read about some of the issues facing people around the world.


Then get involved.  After all, this is your planet too!!!




Take your pick of the things you can do...  


Click here, or “Google” water conservation tips and see the different ways people are conserving water.  


Get involved at a community level – and make sure your local government is doing its part to ensure that clean, affordable water is on their agenda.


Learn about water.  Learn about the business of privatization, the costs of desalinization, the science of water tables, the long term effects of polluted water – and then become a person involved in your own destiny and the future of your community.


Donate to your favorite charity that is focusing their efforts on water related issues.


Or “join our team” and help us financially in our quest.  Our Goal?  Our mission is for all people to enjoy a supply of clean water – a basic human right.  Our efforts center around awareness and education.  We are creating compelling educational media – and then traveling the world to meet with government officials, water experts, educators, activists - and people like you – in an attempt to save lives now and ensure a healthy tomorrow for the future residents of this earth.  If you would like to support us in this quest, we would be thrilled to accept your assistance.  


Thank you.


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