Running Dry: Contributors

The Chronicles Group would like to acknowledge the following institutions and individuals and thank them for their contributions to help spreading the message of "Running Dry".


Principal contributing grant to the RUNNING DRY project:

American Water


Contributors of two or more grants to the RUNNING DRY project:

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Golden State Water Company

Hatch and Parent, A Law Corporation


Additional Financial Support:

Sideman & Bancroft LLP

Charlotte & Allen Ginsburg

Right Management

California Water Service Company

Wallace Genetic Foundation

San Pedro Hotel Company

Myron Lockren

John Antich

National Association of Water Companies

America States Water Company

National Water Research Institute

Law Offices of Bacalski, Byrne, Koska, and Ottoson

Layne Water Development and Storage

Poseidon Resources Corporation

Bureau of Reclamation

The Negri Foundation

The International Desalination Association

The Original Funtime Gumball Factory

United Water

Niagara Conservation

Suburban Water


Further Support:

Paul Simon Public Policy Institute (Southern Illinois University)

many thanks to you...
We can all do our part to help make a difference...