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Public Information / Education Campaign 

The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) and The Chronicles Group, a United States non-profit  corporation have announced that they have entered into a partnership to collaborate on “Running Dry – South Africa.”  The project is a grass roots public information and education campaign regarding the evolving water and sanitation crises that is confronting South Africa. It will be a model on how a population can become proactive and empowered – and able to 

implement solutions to solve the evolving crises. 

The water crisis is confronting South Africa. Time is running out


An evolving water crisis engulfs South Africa and affects public health and overall stability.

15 million South Africans do not have access to adequate sanitation.  Five million do not have access to clean drinking water.  3,000 South African schools do not have water.  1,532 schools do not have toilets.  Rivers and dams are being polluted by industrial waste including acidic water from mines and harmful bacteria from animal and human waste.  This contamination effects agriculture and the quality of food.

Poisoning of water systems impacts livestock and wildlife.  Pollution hurts South Africa’s economy including tourism.  The water crisis impacts the effectiveness of South Africa’s HIV/AIDS retroviral program. Cumulative effect is causing serious environmental public health, economic and social degradation ­ and impacts South Africa’s national security.


The Chronicles Group has formed a partnership with the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. The 

partnership will include a media and education campaign to create awareness about the South African water crises and 

sustainable solutions. Founded in 1926, the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA is South Africa's oldest and largest non-government, membership-based environmental organization.



Production:  $  682,414 

Education:    $ 702,420 

TOTAL        $1,384,834 

The project will work with government, media, academia, the private sector and other non-governmental organizations to bring about real social change in the entire water sector in South Africa.  Production begins September, 2009. The end result will be a model on how a population can become proactive and empowered and able to 

implement solutions to solve the crisis. 


• Production of a 56 minute television 

presentation documentary as well as a 20-25 

minute special "Call to Action" DVD;  

•  Extensive multi-media public relations effort. This would include a special website, internet, radio, newspaper, television and other information/education efforts; 

•  Organizing public meetings and forums within every city and village in every province within South Africa. 


Jim Thebaut has written, produced, and directed an array of socially significant productions accompanied by gripping on-camera interviews for many of his documentary projects.  As head of The Chronicles Group, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit public information and education film  production company, Thebaut is dedicated to providing visual and education records for the public about profound issues of our time. In 2009 Thebaut was awarded Water Charity’s Humanitarian Award for films that have addressed serious water issues facing the world.  Thebaut also received California State University, Fullerton’s 2009 Distinguished Communicator of the Year Award. Jim Thebaut is also currently at work on a U.S. national water policy initiative. 



The Mission of the Chronicles Group is for all people to have access to safe, affordable and sustainable drinking water and adequate sanitation in an attempt to save lives now and ensure a healthy tomorrow for future residents of the earth. The Chronicles Group achieves this mission by creating compelling media that focuses on the worldwide water crises. 


The Chronicles Group previously produced the documentaries “Running Dry” and “The American Southwest:   Are We Running Dry?” that aired on public television throughout the U.S.  The Chronicles Group now has embarked on a project to produce “Running Dry – South Africa,” a documentary and other related material. The partnership will create and execute a media and education campaign which will include the creation of a “call-to- action” version of the documentary and will document the extent of the South African water crises and provide understanding of sustainable solutions.  

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