The following are reactions from individuals who viewed the documentary "Running Dry".


"I'm so pleased that now there is a way for everyone to hear what we heard. Jim Thebaut did an incredible job of capturing just exactly what Paul's message was. I am pleased with it."

Patricia Simon, Wife of the late Senator Paul Simon


"As one of the world's leaders in addressing water quality issues, DRI's researchers and I have witnessed first-hand the devastation of poor water quality as well as the value of educating communities that has resulted in eradicating disease and death.  DRI congratulates Jim Thebaut and all those associated with the film for their efforts to tell the water crisis story in an understandable and compelling way.   Hopefully, the vivid images and shocking statistics will open the world's eyes to how precious our water resources are and will challenge countries to take action to seek solutions in a unified and educated manner."

Dr. Stephen Wells, president of the Desert Research Institute

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“The Premiere of "Running Dry" in the Dutch Water Museum was a great success! It was received with a big applause that was turned into action immediately following the screening. This has already resulted in a Message to the Fourth World Water Forum, requests to show the film at both government and public places, and the initiation of an educational project featuring "Running Dry". Images can say more than a thousand words. As pointed out by the first UN World Water Development Report, the world water crisis is

largely due to policy failures and insufficient awareness among people of the magnitude of the problem. By confronting his audience with the urgency of the situation and offering alternatives to act upon, Jim Thebaut addresses both these root causes. Dear Jim, thanks for providing us with this great film that can be used to increase awareness on sustainable water management, and for your sincere concern for our common future.

Antoinette Hildering, Ph.D., Director, MeerKeuze / MultipleChoice

Consultancy and Research on Sustainable Development, The Netherlands

"Without a clean, reliable water supply human existence on this planet is not possible.  Water managers around the world have witnessed this quintessential resource, which mankind unfortunately takes for granted, come under severe strain as the global population has exploded. Our sternest warnings and admonitions have fallen on deaf ears, either because it was inconvenient to pay attention or it was so far away that it could easily be ignored.  Not until the release of Jim Thebaut's brilliantly compiled documentary RUNNING DRY, have citizens of the world been exposed to the enormity and complexity of the problems surrounding the world's water supply.  I have shown this masterpiece to numerous groups of young adults, ages 18 to 25, who have come away from the viewing compelled to act.  The exposé shines a light on a crisis that for so long has lurked in the shadows.  It profoundly underscores that the time for us to assume responsibility is now.  Solutions exist, but they require commitment, creativity, funding and partnerships.  Thank you Jim for sounding the alarm."

Patricia Mulroy, General Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

"Running Dry is a very powerful reminder of the daunting challenges and problems facing humanity, world-wide, with its most precious resource, and of the pressing and urgent need for a global collaborative action to address them."

Salman M. A. Salman PhD, Water Law Adviser, The World Bank.

"Jim Thebaut has accomplished with Running Dry what few documenting water have even attempted. The film gets behind the headlines and superficial treatments to really grapple with the complexities of the global water crisis. Thebaut seeks out a huge diversity of expertise from around the world, from former Prime Ministers to local activists, to expose his audience to the many facets of this universal problem.  Moreover, unlike many, he is not content simply to describe the problem, but spends significant time on outlining a clear agenda for helping to solve these seemingly insurmountable issues.  One comes away both informed and energized to do what one can to help."

Aaron Wolf Ph.D, Associate Professor of Geography at Oregon State University


"Jim Thebaut's Running Dry presents in the starkest of terms the great water challenges we face in every corner of the world. We should be alarmed by the pressing needs - but Jim also shows us pathways to successfully addressing cooperatively and peacefully these common water problems."

Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Director, Environmental Change and Security Project, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars


"The empirical data on the global water challenge are staggering, but nothing can animate our sense of urgency and the scale of need across the planet like the images in Jim Thebaut's "Running Dry". Those pictures serve as a benchmark for what we can get right and what we fail to achieve in the global water countdown."

Erik Peterson, Director, Global Strategy Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)


""Running Dry" does a terrific job in documenting the importance for safe drinking water and sanitation around the world. The documentary also does an excellent job of explaining how there are affordable and sustainable solutions that would help the billions of people that suffer from water related illnesses. Water For People strongly encourages everyone to view this documentary and take action to address this important issue."

Steve Werner, Executive Director, Water For People


""Running Dry" is a powerful, emotional and intellectual revelation of the worlds dangers as dryness saps societys strength. It is a wonderful call to peaceful arms to avoid disasters."

Max Negri M.D., President, Negri Foundation


"As a prosecutor I am used to filing criminal charges against those who misuse water, my job would be a lot easier if we had more projects like Jim to educate. We should treasure water as a significant resource."

John Fentis, Deputy City Prosecutor, Long Beach, CA


""Running Dry" describes, not only the nature of the problem, but how it might be addressed while we still have time. In an informed, accessible, action-oriented form, it makes a compelling case for looking beyond the headlines to an issue that has both short and long term implications and is inextricably linked to a range of political, social and economic challenges that confront the world."

Stephen J. Del Rosso, Ph.D., Chair, International Peace and Security, Carnegie Corporation of New York


"This documentary is must viewing for policy makers throughout the world and all people concerned about the future of mankind. The water crisis is upon us, as Jim Thebaut so dramatically and thoughtfully documents. If we don't address it forcefully and immediately, our security and the futures of our children and grandchildren will be in serious peril. As Jim's work makes clear, the crisis should alarm and energize us. It gives us both the imperative and the opportunity for long-time adversaries in the Middle East and elsewhere to find common ground for their common good."

Mike Lawrence, Director, The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute


"I have seen the film and am most impressed. Jim Thebaut has handled a complex issue with sensitivity and insight. In my view he has captured the essence of the problem in a way that enables a broader audience of non-specialists to understand and thus intervene in a variety of different ways. This film empowers the viewer to get involved in some way or another, even if it is just by lobbying their local political leadership. I am proud to have been involved professionally with RUNNING DRY and only did so because of my personal respect for Jim Thebaut."

Anthony Turton, PhD. Gibb-SERA Chair in IWRM, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa


"The Aquarium of the Pacific hosted the world-premier for Running Dry this past February. We are now pleased to share this important film on such a pressing topic with local educators. Water is essential to all life and the quality and quantity of water affects all living things. During this century, water will be what oil was to the last century."

Jerry Schubel, PhD. President & CEO, Aquarium of the Pacific


"Hundreds of millions of people suffer from lack of clean water -- a disaster of global proportions. Jim Thebaut's compelling movie, Running Dry, cracks open the door to this desperate world, revealing both the scope of the disaster and the hope for new solutions. Watch the movie and you'll never take water for granted again. And that's how it should be."

Peter Gleick, PhD, President, Pacific Institute, Oakland, California


“Jim Thebault’s “Running Dry” shines a dramatic spotlight on one of most important global health and political issues facing our world today—access to clean water. Water is essential to all aspects of life, yet 99% of water on Earth is unsafe or unavailable to drink. About 1.2 billion people globally lack safe water to consume and 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. Water is an economic issue since it is essential for poverty reduction, agriculture, food and energy production. It is a women’s issue in the developing world because women have primary responsibility for household water gathering in many countries. Time spent hauling water robs women and girls of getting an education or engaging in meaningful work. It is a children’s issues because water is essential for healthy development. A youngster dies every eight seconds from a water-borne disease. And water is a national security issue because some of the world’s conflicts today arise from disputes over arable land and water. But most of all, water is a fundamental global health issue. It is the single largest cause of illness worldwide. “Running Dry” serves as wake-up call to educate about the water crisis through compelling images and stories and provides a global action plan to increase awareness, activism and resources. This brilliant and cutting-edge film underscores that time is of the essence, providing a lifesaving roadmap to solutions and strategies to improve access to safe water and in so doing, to a healthier future for people worldwide.”

Susan Blumenthal MD, Former Deputy Surgeon General Of The United States