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The materials on this page are designed for educators who want to continue the “Running Dry” discussion in the classroom.  There are currently two topics covered in the teacher curriculum, but two additional topics will be forthcoming shortly.

Click on the links below to access the appropriate PDF files.

Colorado River Basin
Explore and debate the environmental and political issues of the Colorado River Basin.

Key California Content Standards Linkages (Grades 5-12)

Activity 1 – Water, Water Everywhere, Or Is It?
Activity 2 – The Basin
Activity 3 – Salinity
Activity 4 – The Law of the River Game
Activity 5 – The Delta

Water Related Health Issues
Analyze your water usage, the global impacts of water issues and other water quality related topics.

Key Linkages to California’s Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)

Pre-Screening Activity 1 – Personal Water Usage Realization
Pre-Screening Activity 2 – Global Water Usage Realization

Post Screening Activity 1 – Quantity vs. Quality
Post Screening Activity 2 – Quantity of Water
Post Screening Activity 3 – Water Quality
Post Screening Activity 4 – Hope for the Future