In order to implement the far reaching multi-media public information education project it has required an extensive and direct multimillion dollar fundraising effort.  To be specific, the Chronicles Group RUNNING DRY project was created to focus international attention on the global water crisis.  Three documentary versions were produced and have been presented in numerous special education venues throughout the world.  They include an 80 minute feature, a 50 minute Executive Summary and a 19 minute "Call to Action".  In addition, Jane Seymour agreed to be the narrator for the documentary and spokesperson for the water crisis issue.  Furthermore, a website was created at

In order to generate the vast sums required to create the productions and accomplish its education mission, the Chronicles Group had to rely on extensive grants from public and private water utilities, foundations, trade organizations, corporations, private contributions, etc.

The Chronicles Group RUNNING DRY project's goal and/or Mission Statement is for all people to have access to drinking water and adequate sanitation in an attempt to save lives now and ensure a healthy tomorrow for the future residents of the Earth.  The project, a 501 (C) (3) non-profit effort will achieve the mission by creating media interest which will focus on the worldwide water crisis.

Principal support for our efforts have been generated from American Water, American States Water Company, United Water, Southern Nevada Water Authority, The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, the Carnegie Corporation of New York and several other major public and private organizations.  Much of this effort was a partnership between the contributors. Furthermore, new relationships are currently being established with several international corporations and private donors.


A little over five years ago the Chronicles Group RUNNING DRY project was officially established in order to spread the word throughout the World concerning the evolving global water crisis.  At the beginning of this effort the issue was way below the radar screen regarding public awareness and understanding.