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Name: The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?
Price: $29.95 + S/H
Format: 16:9 Widescreen DVD
Locations: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Washington DC.
Producer/Director: Jim Thebaut 
Narrator: Jane Seymour
Editor: Brian Denny  
Post: Master Communication
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A Crisis Looms...   

Featuring narration from Emmy® Award-winning actress Jane Seymour, “The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry?” is a definitive look at how the water crisis affects the American Southwest states and its escalating economic toll.

From the White House to the House of Representatives, Jim Thebaut interviews key thought leaders for an intelligent and informed discussion about the evolving water crisis.  Thebaut  filmed at diverse locations including the Navajo and Hopi reservations, on Capitol Hill and in Las Vegas for an absorbing and contemplative discussion about conservation, water reuse, desalination, unprecedented population growth and future water policies.

Interviews with key members of Congress include Sens. Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Ken Salazar (Colo.), and Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman (N.M.), and U.S. Reps. Mary Bono (Palm Springs) and Jim Costa (Fresno). An interview with Dr. Gene Whitney, science advisor to President Bush, also is featured in this impartial and balanced documentary.

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Name: Running Dry
Price: $29.95 + S/H
Format: 4:3 Widescreen DVD
Locations: China, India, Middle East, USA.
Producer/Director: Jim Thebaut 
Narrator: Jane Seymour
Editor: Brian Denny  
Post: Twin Peaks Creative

“Running Dry” is the first in the series of documentaries about the water crisis by The Chronicles Group.  It was filmed on location in China, India, The Middle East and The United States.  It was inspired by the late Senator Paul Simon and his book “Tapped Out”.

"Jim Thebaut has accomplished with Running Dry what few documenting water have even attempted. The film gets behind the headlines and superficial treatments to really grapple with the complexities of the global water crisis.

“Jim Thebaut seeks out a huge diversity of expertise from around the world, from former Prime Ministers to local activists, to expose his audience to the many facets of this universal problem.  Moreover, unlike many, he is not content simply to describe the problem, but spends significant time on outlining a clear agenda for helping to solve these seemingly insurmountable issues.  One comes away both informed and energized to do what one can to help."

Aaron Wolf Ph.D, Associate Professor of Geography at Oregon State University

"I'm so pleased that now there is a way for everyone to hear what we heard. Jim Thebaut did an incredible job of capturing just exactly what Paul's message was. I am pleased with it."

Patricia Simon, Wife of the late Senator Paul Simon

The DVD offered is the feature length version, in NTSC.  Run time: 81 minutes.

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