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Jane Seymour, narrator and host of “The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry?” who also narrated Jim Thebaut’s first film, “Running Dry” about the global water crisis is the actress, artist and humanitarian.

Seymour played the “Bond girl” in the James Bond film, “Live and Let Die,” and as the star of the long-running television series, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”  She was cast opposite Christopher Reeve in the film, “Somewhere in Time.”  Seymour is also famous for the passionate role she played in the 12-part miniseries, “War and Remembrance” (1988) as the character Natalie Henry, an American Jewish woman trapped in Europe during World War II. Seymour has guest starred on shows such as “Smallville” and “Law and Order” and recently seen on the popular “Dancing With the Stars” show and in the hit movie, “Wedding Crashers.”  She stars as Prudence in the upcoming Hallmark Channel production, “Dear Prudence.”  

As a fine artist, Ms. Seymour paints watercolors and oils.  She created original oil on canvas, “Water,” based on “Running Dry” about the global water crisis. Seymour began painting nearly a decade ago and exhibits all over the United States.  She sketches and paints at her Malibu studio, on movie sets and during her travels. 


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