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The American Southwest:  Are We Running Dry?

Project Features:

Features narration from Emmy® Award-winning actress Jane Seymour.

Native prayers voiced by Native American actor Michael Horse.

Stunning graphics and audio.

K-12 curriculum in development and to be accessed online through the “Running Dry” website, water organizations, public television:

Filmed in high definition (HD).


Filmed at diverse locations including Navajo and Hopi reservations, watersheds, landscapes and urban settings.

Relevant to national audiences.

Interviews with key thought leaders, Members of Congress and U.S. Senators.

Definitive, historical look at how water crisis came about.

Nonpolitical, objective and informed.

Deserving of serious citizen attention.

Serves as a “teachable moment”.

Basis for town hall meetings and follow up discussion among Americans on radio and televised public affairs shows.

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